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A thinkThin High Protein Bar

Which thinkThin High Protein Bar is Healthiest? (2/2)

This is Part Two of Two

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The following chart shows the amounts of micronutrientsSomething we need in very small amounts to stay alive. The e... More in each bar, as a percentage of the amounts recommended to be consumed in a day. Each vertical grey line is 5 percent of your daily intake (a scale of 0% – 20%).



The amounts of calcium and iron in each thinkThin High Protein Bar
The micronutrients



Keep in mind the RDI"Reference Daily Intake:" see post. for sodium is around 2,400mg, where cholesterol is roughly 300mg



The type of fat is important too (the text is pretty small–red is unsaturated and blue is saturated):



The relative amounts of starch, fiber, and sugar alcohols in each thinkThin High Protein Bar
And lastly, your carbs. If unfamiliar, the term “sugar alcohol” refers to artificial sweeteners / sugar substitutes.



The Verdict?

If you’re looking for the most micronutrients for your buck, it’s a tie between Brownie Crunch and Chocolate Espresso.


  • All bars are trans-fat free.
  • However, the sodium content is not too low.
  • They are sugar free, but made with sugar substitutes (which, in my opinion, are worse than sugar).
  • There is next to no fiber in each bar (a problem if you are looking to make these bars part of a high-protein diet!)


All-in-all, they beat the everyday candy bar, but I do not believe they are as nutritious as some of their competitors.


This is Part Two of Two

Click Here For Part One


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