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DRV and RDI: What do They Mean?

To be able to read nutrition labels, you need to understand the lingo they use. Two major terms are DRV”Daily Reference Value,” or “Daily Value” sometimes called “… More and RDI”Reference Daily Intake:” see post..   DRV"Daily Reference Value," or "Daily Value" sometimes called "... More DRV, or Daily Reference Value, is the amount of a nutrientTwo categories: micronutrientsSomething we need in very small amounts to stay alive. The e... More (vitamins and minerals) and m… More the […]

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What Do Natural and Artificial Mean?

Naturally flavored? Contains artificial colors? No artificial preservatives? Keep on reading if you have some curiosity as to what these claims actually mean.   NaturalThis term, to be honest, does not mean much. It simply means… More vs. Artificial We need to understand the difference between naturalThis term, to be honest, does not mean much. It simply means... More and artificial. First off, “natural.” Most of us […]

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